Welcome to the Fat Mahayana Shopkeeper.

You might wonder what the Fat Mahayana Shopkeeper sells. The Fat Mahayana Shopkeeper is selling you something you already have.

He’s just reminding you about something you might have forgotten or left somewhere. It can easily happen. You know when you get busy or preoccupied it’s easy to forget where you left something. It’s easy to miss that thing which is always to be found right here between what’s already gone and what hasn’t yet arrived.

But if you’re not in too much hurry to get to where you are going, you might notice that life is something unexpected. It is a mystery. It is an extraordinary gift and each moment of it is nothing less than miraculous. The only real question is whether you recognize it or not. 

As the saying goes, there is not just one way to kiss the ground.

Beingness loves to be –
there is only the beloved as life
experiencing itself in a thousand ways.